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Grants and Scholarships


Every year the Kettle Moraine Garden Club is proud to award philanthropic grants for civic projects which are aligned with the mission of our club.  The organizations receiving annual funding for these projects reside in our Lake Country community, SE Wisconsin four-county area, and in our state.   


The following are specific guidelines in order for a project to be considered for funding by the Ways and Means Committee:

  • Is submitted by a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization

  • Is aligned with the mission of KMGC:  “Kettle Moraine Garden Club, a member of The Garden Club of America, is dedicated to the love of gardening through education and civic projects in the fields of horticulture, floral design, nature photography, conservation, and environmental renewal.”

  • Is NOT an endowment, maintenance, scholarship, or research study or compensation for any salary. .

  • Is clearly defined, has a demonstrated need, and presents a unique opportunity to benefit the community-at-large

  • Has a defined financial plan for using the funds and future funds available for maintaining the project.

  • Is to be completed in the following calendar year of the application.

  • KMGC requires the granted requests to supply the Ways and Means Committee Co-Chairs by June 1, 2025, documentation of how and when the project was or will be successfully completed.

  • Application should contain all required names and project information; organization should provide  specific project details attached to the application.

  • Application needs to be signed by a KMGC member as a proposer (a KMGC member does not need to be involved with the organization)

  • Applications for 2024 grants must be submitted or postmarked by May 1, 2024.

  • Application guidelines may be obtained by clicking here.

  • Application form may be obtained by clicking here or from the Ways & Means Committee Co-Chairs.


~Friends of Boerner Botanical Gardens for $5,000. 

 This grant will support their environmental initiatives for K12 school students in SE Wisconsin. They will purchase plants (potato, squash, pumpkin and herbs) and soil to help teach the students about our food sources. Also, they will be teaching the students the importance of worms in our soil. Boerner Botanical gardens will also be purchasing plants and seeds for the ‘living plant sundial garden.

~Food Pantry Serving Waukesha Country, Inc. for $3,000

We are supporting the container garden project and using our funds to purchase soil mix, tomato plants, sweet pepper plants and jalapeno plants. The containers are then given to their clients to teach them how to grow their own food. The Food Pantry partners with the Teens Grow Greens greenhouse for this project and we are happy to partner with them again this year.   

~Old World Wisconsin Foundation for $2,000 

 We are providing funding to replace fruit trees and enhance several orchards in addition to creating a beautiful entrance by their front gate. The purchase of a variety of 25 apple trees grown in Wisconsin will be added to the orchards. We are also enhancing their heirloom gardens through the addition of canna plants. 




The club also gives out one or more scholarships each year to an undergraduate student studying in a Wisconsin college or university.  The area of interest or major area of study we look for is varied but within the framework of our club's interest, i.e., botany, horticulture, landscape architecture, conservation, and land preservation.  We send out information to the colleges/universities in Wisconsin along with an application and this is passed on to interested students who are studying (majoring) in these areas.  If you know of an interested student, an application will be available in early spring from the Scholarship Committee or by clicking here. The Scholarship Committee reviews all applications and chooses the winner.


2023-24 Scholarship Winners 

Daphne Jacak:  Daphne is a rising Junior in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Science majoring in Horticulture with a cumulative GPA of 3.997. In addition to her studies, Daphne has worked at a vegetable market where she was involved in planting, harvesting and prepping produce for sale. Daphne has had a summer internship at the Green Bay Botanical Garden. She also volunteered in community events like Earth Fest and through church youth groups to help elderly citizens maintain their gardens. Daphne has served as the Senior Floral Purchaser for the University Horticulture Society and has designed floral arrangements for events and sales on campus. She has a special interest in floraculture, hoping to develop and breed new and improved flowering plant varieties for others to use and enjoy. Daphne sees her future diving into greenhouse production and/or a landscape design business. Her passion for horticulture and the benefits it can bring to society is evident and will be the focus of Daphne’s career path.


Connor Tanck: Connor is a rising Junior in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Science majoring in Horticulture- Fruit & Vegetables, with a cumulative grade point of 3.978. In addition to his studies, Connor has worked in his family business, The Farm in Door County, a living museum of rural America, where he enjoys showing the public where their food comes from. He also has worked at The Flower Source, a local green house and retail garden center. Connor also serves as a Resident Assistant at the University and has volunteered through the University Horticulture Society and in Grow to Share Community Gardens. Connor’s experience and skills have been focused on planning and planting demonstration gardens and planting an orchard of various fruit trees. After college Connor plans to work in production agriculture specializing in fruit and vegetable research and genetics.  Just an additional note….Connor is from our Lake Country area as he is from Hartland!


In December of 2012, the Kettle Moraine Garden Club awarded $40,000 to the Friends of Lapham Peak for environmental education exhibits and features at the newly restored Hausmann Nature Center located at Lapham Peak State Park in Delafield, Wisconsin.


School children and the public now can learn about conservation, sustainable building, and environmental resource protection at this new center in the park.  The garden club funded installation of permanent exhibits about prairie restoration using native plants, glacial topography, human history, wetland habitat, owls, Nemahbin Springs, a geothermal system display and artifact display. In addition, KMGC funds were used to purchase a telescope, viewing benches, gift shop furnishings, and to create a hands-on interactive children’s nature area.  See more information about the center at this link.


The nature center is open Saturday and Sunday, June 1- November 1 from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The KMGC is an IRS Section 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Current tax returns and information are available on request.

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